Bright serum vital

125 a tablespoon, does it work? It’s one thing having a model endorse your beauty cream, but bright serum vital another when it can boast a Nobel Prize.

The active ingredient in an anti-ageing serum launched here this week won its developers the award for physiology and medicine after they proved it speeds up rejuvenation of skin cells. Unsurprisingly, the Bioeffect EGF Serum doesn’t come cheap. Just two drops a day is enough to rejuvenate the skin, it is claimed. With age, the level of these activators in the skin decreases, allowing for more wrinkles, but the serum replenishes them. Other products on the market contain EGF, but not at the levels of concentration in Bioeffect’s serum. The product launched in Iceland and proved so popular that one in five of all women there are believed to use it. 60 per cent of customers buying it a second time.

The serum has also won celebrity approval, with actress Uma Thurman among its devotees. Alice Hart-Davies, beauty expert and creator of www. It contains an ingredient called Epidermal Growth Factor which is known for its proven healing and rejuvenating effects on the skin — so it is one of the few skincare ingredients which is known to actually work. But it is an all-in-one product, so you don’t need to put any other cream or serum over or under it. Listen to the voice of the man who says he is D. I called in the demolition specialists! The comments below have not been moderated.